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Reduce Anxiety and Stress | Get to the Root of an Issue
See another Perspective/ clear self-limiting beliefs
Receive Support Towards Your Empowerment
Heal Trauma
Access Higher states of consciousness
Ascension Assistance & Issues

Free 20 min. Consult

To meet you

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First Treatment

1.5Hr Session

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Consecutive Treatments

1 Hr. Session

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Need to change your booking?  Contact me to reschedule a minimum of 3 days prior to your appointment.

Transformational Packages

Benefits of Purchasing Packages

1.  Each package is uniquely designed to meet your requirements.

2. You are making a commitment to your healing process.

3. You receive discounted prices.

Simply contact me to arrange

Should you wish to cancel mid-stream, I will charge you the full rate for the sessions that you’ve already used and refund the rest.

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    Phone:  1-250-701-0808

    May all love surround you, and the light that’s within you guide your way home.
    Inlakesh, Inlakesh, Inlakesh
    Blessed be and so it is.