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Norma is a Canadian based Internationally recognized Certified Energy Healer. She has been practicing various forms of energy healing for over 40 years while focusing on her own healing and inner awakening. She has striven to listen to that inner voice that has led to a deeper progression of energy healing practices and commits herself to your highest good and the good of all.

Over the years, Norma has conducted workshops at Vancouver Island University and many other locations. She has helped hundreds of people understand the ability of their innate energy systems to heal and strengthen their access to high sense perception and being. She offers her clients a deeper understanding into the nature of illness and their inner power to heal. She supports her clients to open more deeply to themselves and assists their own discovery of who they truly are along the ascension path.



I am sharing with you the beginning of my journey.  In hindsight, I realize that I was guided even as a child.  At 10 yrs. old, I had a powerful dream in which I was told I would be studying spirituality, healing practices and religions from around the world.  I did not know at that time what it meant but I remembered the dream.

In my teen years, people were coming to me for insight, sharing their deepest thoughts and feelings.  After completing my education, I became a Para Legal.  I married and had two children. It was during this time I began feeling an emptiness and a deep knowing that there was so much more to experience in life on a deeper level.  I trusted my intuition, left my unhappy marriage, travelled with my children to Vancouver Island, where I now reside, not knowing what I would do or where we would live. Within a week, I was in a beautiful new home overlooking the ocean and my children were happily in a new school.  I had a new Job as a Development Officer for a Shakespeare Festival.

Six months later, I met the teacher who was to be my mentor for 15 years.  My Spiritual journey had begun.   She was part Tsimsian by culture, a Yogi Master and student of the famous, Paramahansa Yogananga, when she was 16 yrs. old.  As they say, “When the student is ready, the Teacher appears”.   What a journey!  I call it my “training years”.  So much experienced, so much learned, and the journey continues….


May all love surround you, and the light that’s within you guide your way home.
Inlakesh, Inlakesh, Inlakesh
Blessed be and so it is.