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Energy Healing


Origins Of Energy Healing


The Seven Rays of Healing System is one of the oldest natural healing systems in the world. The verbal history of it’s origins was passed through mystery schools as having originated on the legendary Pacific continent of Lemuria. It then became one of the prescribed healing systems of the Order of the Seven Rays – which later became better known as the Great White Brotherhood.

After the destruction of Lemuria, The Seven Rays of Healing System was taken to various pan-Pacific countries. In India, the system blossomed into Siddha Medicine and Yoga; in China, it became the foundation of Taoist Healing and its modalities of Acupuncture, Acupressure and Herbs; and in Peru, it evolved into Incan and Andean Shamanic Healing. It was also taken to Tibet and Japan, where it engendered the Way of the Fire Dragon and Reiki Healing. Today, energy healing is progressing by leaps with the scientific discovery of Quantum Physics, Epigenetics and newly available frequency such as the Golden Ray.


The Golden Ray is the solar life force or Light of Love that originates from the heart center of Creation. It is the highest frequency of light that transmutes lower frequencies of distortion with the power of unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. Just as plants would be stunted or not be able to grow at all without sunlight, we too are affected when our solar life force is restricted. Distortions develop in our individual consciousness as separation, lack, greed, anger, shame, and grow to infect the collective consciousness that manifests as our society. This is how important the Solar Life Force is to the perpetuation of life. The Golden Ray carries master codes at the DNA level that unify the 7 chakras or energy centers of the body as One by energizing them, allowing them to function according to Cosmic Law and Divine Order.

“Recently, results of the Human Genome Project
have Shattered one Of Science’s fundamental core beliefs,
The Concept of Genetic Determinism.
We have been led to believe,
that Our Genes Determine the character of our lives,
yet new research surprisingly revealed,
it is the character of our lives that controls our genes.
Rather than being victims of our heredity,
we are actually Masters of Our Genome.”

Bruce H. Lipton

As the scientists of today have discovered, we can and do alter our DNA memory. The Golden Ray frequency is particularly potent when healing past life and current life traumas that manifest in our DNA memory to create dis-ease.

With the Golden Ray, you go beyond healing, to bring forth complete transformation and spiritual rebirth in the ascension process helping you to gain inner clarity and inner knowing. It opens your connection to be guided by your highest Self or intuition and experience Oneness as described in all sacred texts and practices as enlightenment.

Distant Healing


Energy is not bound by the limits of time and space. Everything is connected through fractals of energy.  Although this has been known through various healing practices throughout the world for thousands of years, modern scientists in the field of Quantum Physics  have discovered and confirmed that our physical “reality” consists of atoms, which are numerous vortexes of spinning and vibrating energy:

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong.
What we have called matter is energy,
whose Vibration has been so lowered
as to be Perceptible to the senses.
There Is No Matter.”

Albert Einstein

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe,
Think in terms of Energy, Frequency, And Vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

There is no amount of time or space that will diminish the power of life force energy. The only things that impede our ability to receive, and subsequently transmit energy vibrations, are the veils and limitations we place upon ourselves. It is the distortions of illusion within our own energy field that make us think energy is restricted.

We all have the ability to connect with anyone around the world, without delay, and through many different modes:  the power of prayer is an example. This ability to connect at a distance only serves to expand the possibilities to receive healing on the energetic level.   The role of an experienced energy healer is to assist you to awaken to self healing and connecting with the Source of power within you.  This can be achieved equally in person or at a distance.

May all love surround you, and the light that’s within you guide your way home.
Inlakesh, Inlakesh, Inlakesh
Blessed be and so it is.