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Testimonial Stories

Chris, Toronto

“Having the opportunity to offer a review and recommendation of my experience with Norma Jackson is an absolute honor. From our initial conversation, the in-depth questionnaire, through the actual treatment, to the follow up, Norma made me feel completely comfortable, was very professional, established deep trust and communicated only unconditional love and care for my highest good.

My treatment was a distant healing session, which from the outset, Norma made it clear we could work on things on any level. This was my first healing session of this kind, so naturally I had a few questions which Norma was very open to answer and share a little about her practice and professional journey. Once we got into the treatment, I had some very powerful things happen; self-forgiveness, a major heart opening that seemingly allowed so much love and light in. This brought me to a deep place of healing, the healing that I had set out in my intention.

I would highly recommend Norma Jackson, it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you find yourself in life. The only thing that holds us back is ourselves, that fear has no place here, it dissolves so easily with the loving guidance that Norma provides.”

Jenny, North Vancouver

“With great pleasure, respect and gratitude, I am writing this letter about my experience of energy healing treatments with Norma Jackson. Please, allow me a short introduction to what brought me here, because I know that there are so many people in similar situations, who do not know what else to do.

I was diagnosed with cancer almost a decade ago. With surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, with medications and frequent check ups, everything looked under control, until 2017, when the cancer became more aggressive and metastatic. More surgeries and radiation, very worrisome prognosis.

Last fall I met Norma and amazing things started to happen. I regained confidence and hope that I could live longer. After the first session I started to feel less pain than before. The guidance, care and support from Norma, during the sessions was strong, clear and constant, and made me feel very safe and protected. Shortly after the second session, I had a CT scan. It came with unbelievable results. First time in 3 years, the cancer was shrinking. Needless to say it was a miracle for me.

I continued with treatments and am now pain free and there is no active cancer in my body. I live my pain free days, grateful for every minute of it, loving every moment. I am happy in the most liberating way, not needing any reason, but just being. I give the full benefit of it to Norma’s energy healing treatments.”

Roger, Nanaimo

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Norma Jackson’s Energy Healing which I am currently experiencing. I had never tried any form of alternative healing until recently. l had suffered from anxiety attacks on two or three occasions over almost 80 years. Norma’s healing treatments have produced truly amazing results.

I am finally realizing things that have caused anxiety since my childhood. The experience has been very emotional and transformative. I have always felt very fortunate and appreciative of my family, friends and the life I have lived. I am re-examining my beliefs, and emotions and feel my remaining years on earth will be filled with even more love and kindness, if that is possible.

The most dramatic discovery has been that I never liked myself and accepted other people’s negativity as a victim. I now realize I always try my best and have been a kind, caring person my whole life. I am no longer a victim. The results of her treatments have been thrilling everyone and even surprising. Thanks very much Norma.”

Nicole, Vancouver

“For many years of my life, I have struggled with substance abuse. I have ignored a lot of my problems by drowning them out with substances and trying to feel numb. I went into Norma’s healing session with my intentions focused and set on moving forward, away from my addiction. Before the session I felt overwhelmed, afraid, and taken over by my thoughts and problems. I did not feel focused at first and I had a lot of anxiety. The thought of being healed, meditating or looking inward at myself freaked me out. I had so much going on that I was not sure I could face these things in that very moment. I went in feeling quite nervous.

During the session I felt like I almost left my physical body. I went into a meditative state and felt a lot of love and care. but I knew what the intentions were going in and I felt I was letting go of the things I was attached to that were not good for me in a way I was not used to. I accepted every part of it and felt the healing take over me. It was a very blissful and healing experience. I was really surprised to have felt so much love and care from someone I had only known for a short time.

I found the session to be something unique that I had never experienced before. I did not expect to feel so overwhelmed with emotion after it ended. I had done a lot of meditating on my own and there was something about this that was different and more productive than anything I’d ever done. I felt more focused on my intentions to heal some very deep wounds and came out of it really feeling prepared to love and care more for myself, truly trying to heal.

Since the session, I have taken more steps than I ever have in a positive direction. I would recommend this to anyone looking to try to better themselves or even just feel more at peace with who they really are. Anyone and everyone could benefit and heal themselves in any way from feeling this type of powerful, non-judgemental and loving energy.”

May all love surround you, and the light that’s within you guide your way home.
Inlakesh, Inlakesh, Inlakesh
Blessed be and so it is.